Elevator Modernization


Elevator Modernization

For Commercial Buildings in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

Why Modernize?

When elevator parts become worn down, they aren't as easy to replace. You're either stuck with a broken elevator or an unsafe elevator.​

Benefits of Modernization

Elevator modernization provides increased safety, improved building value, improved code compliance, and improved style. We provide complete functional and aesthetic overhauls of vintage elevator equipment.

Modernization Criteria

If you're unsure about whether you need to modernize your elevator, consider how much effort you're spending on it. If you're making lots of service calls, experiencing frequent shutdowns, dealing with your own client's complaints over taking the stairs - it might be time to modernize.

Want to look in to modernizing your elevator? Call (506) 454-2259 to book your site visit or fill out our convenient online quote form, and one of our experienced Field Representatives will reach out as soon as possible.

Atlantic Alliance Elevators

Why Choose Us?

Our team takes pride in keeping our customers moving safely by modernizing and upgrading their elevators, so you can worry less about elevator breakdowns and focus on your business!

Elevator Modernization Experience

We have extensive experience in elevator modernization and will work with you to ensure your daily operations remain as smooth as possible.

Competitive Pricing

We’re able to provide competitive elevator modernization pricing, and this opens the door for smaller businesses and properties.

High Quality Equipment

Our team uses high quality, industry leading non-proprietary equipment, so you can rest assured knowing your elevator is as safe as possible.

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