Elevator Maintenance & Repair


Elevator Maintenance & Repair

For Commercial Buildings in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

Flexible Elevator Maintenance Packages

Per Canadian code requirements, routine elevator maintenance, testing, and inspection must occur at least four times per year. This can quickly become costly for those not under contract. The Atlantic Alliance Elevators team offers custom maintenance contracts for our commercial clients. This always begins with a thorough site visit to understand your needs.

Seamless Communication

Our team will clearly communicate with you about your elevator service requirements. We base this conversation off of the age, overall condition, and manufacturer of the elevator.

Proactive Elevator Maintenance Approach

We're not bandaid solution people. If there's a concern with your elevator that could become dangerous, we will work with you to resolve it. 

Quoted Services

We also provide ad-hoc quoted services. A quoted service is a repair or replacement that either falls outside the jurisdiction of an existing contract or that occurs without a contract in place. We'll perform an onsite assessment and provide you with a detailed estimate. 

Quoted Services

Want to look into a contract or get a quote? Call (506) 454-2259 to book your site visit or fill out our convenient online quote form, and one of our experienced Field Representatives will reach out as soon as possible.

Atlantic Alliance Elevators

Why Choose Us?

Our team takes pride in keeping our customers moving safely, and we ensure our customers have access to clear elevator maintenance contracts and close-by team members, so you can focus on your business.

Custom Contracts

Our elevator maintenance contracts are custom-tailored to each of our clients, from simple oil and grease contracts to full service.

Competitive Pricing

With a lower overhead than many elevator maintenance companies, we’re able to refine our pricing and open the door for smaller clients who may not have been eligible for service through larger entities.

Quick Response Time

We have experienced Field Representatives all over New Brunswick who also service Prince Edward Island. This means we’re only a few hours away at maximum.

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