Elevator Emergency Services


Elevator Emergency Services

24/7 Emergency Elevator Services For Commercial Buildings in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Our emergency line is (506) 454-2259

Elevator Emergency Services

Have an emergency? Our expert team is always on call! Our Field Representatives rotate their on call schedule to ensure there is always someone available to come assess your emergency elevator situation, day or night.

Call 911 Where Applicable

If you suspect that someone is injured or in medical distress in your elevator, call 911 immediately. First responders will have tools and resources that we will not; our role is to get your elevator up and running as soon as possible.

Emergency services will usually be included in most of our contracts. If you have questions about whether emergency elevator services are included in your contract with us, call us at (506) 454-2259 or fill out our online quote form.

Atlantic Alliance Elevators

Why Choose Us?

Our team takes pride in keeping our customers moving safely. Our team members have a rotating on-call schedule, so you can rest assured that help will be on the way when you need it!

Expert Elevator Mechanics

Our seasoned elevator mechanics have the experience and cool-headedness to quickly triage your emergency elevator situation.

Fast Response Time

Our Field Representatives all spread out all over New Brunswick, and also service Prince Edward Island. This means we’re only a few hours away at maximum.

Competitive Pricing

We know that urgent situations happen, and we want to keep you moving! We’ll work with you to quickly address your emergency elevator situation and repairs.

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