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Understanding the MCP


Understanding the MCP

We're here to help you understand your Maintenance Control Program.

In keeping with our ‘efficient communication’ core value, we believe in providing clear, easy-to-read, and accurate information on elevator safety.

It’s important for commercial property owners to understand that elevating devices are subject to stringent provincially mandated standards for operational safety.

Here are some of the basics about the MCP in New Brunswick.

  • It is a provincially regulated and mandated program, through the adoption of the ASME A17.1-2016/CSA B44-16 Code.

  • Atlantic Alliance Elevators is using the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association (CECA) MCP program, which was developed in conjunction with the Province of New Brunswick’s Dept. of Justice and Public Safety and the members of CECA.

  • Your MCP is meant to ensure that regular inspection and adjustment of Elevating devices is carried out to ensure safe public transportation.

At the core, the Maintenance Control Program is a logbook to keep track of generic and elevator-specific maintenance tasks. Your logbook will typically contain mandated schedules for testing, examinations, and service of the various sub-systems and equipment which make up your elevators complete operating system.

Each MCP will contain standard testing and inspection requirements, such as CAT1, CAT5, and quarterly inspections. Your MCP may also contain parts and equipment service due dates and testing requirements that depend on the elevator manufacturer.

The goal of the MCP is to ensure all elevators in Canada are regularly and thoroughly serviced according to Canadian and local code requirements and to the specifications of the elevator. As a natural consequence, regularly maintaining your elevator will increase its life span.

An MCP logbook will indicate whether testing has been completed to satisfaction throughout each calendar year. Your logbook should also contain detailed descriptions of all repairs.

This information is essential to have on hand should your property be subject to a government-issued compliance inspection. your logbook will confirm that your elevators are safe for the public to use and that they comply with local code requirements.

A properly maintained MCP compliant Elevator is especially handy in cases of commercial property purchase – many properties will already have elevators that may or may not need servicing, and a review of the property’s elevator logbook by a licensed elevator contractor will confirm whether the elevator(s) have been properly maintained and our operating in compliance.

Property owners are required to store their Maintenance Control Documents near each elevator machine room, which should be restricted to authorized personnel only.

The onus is on the commercial property owner to ensure that the MCP is regularly maintained.

This process can look a little different depending on the elevator expertise of the property owner. Many property owners will include MCP maintenance and proper logging in their elevator maintenance contracts. Yet, this does not mean the onus falls away from the property owner entirely; it’s important to keep inspection dates and any required elevator repairs top of mind and to regularly review your MCP.

With each site visit that includes an inspection, testing, and/or repair – your MCP must contain a log of who the technician was, their initials, and the work they completed. Each MCP log should have a minimum of four of these entries per year or risk falling behind on required maintenance.

Do you have questions about your Log Book or Maintenance Control Plan? Contact the AAE team today by calling us at (506) 454-2259 or filling out our convenient contact form.

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