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Training & Certification


Training and Certification

The Commitment To Our Trade

It takes a great deal of commitment to become an elevator mechanic, regardless of location.

All of our elevator mechanics have undergone the demanding Canadian Elevator Industry Educational Program (CEIEP), which is housed under the umbrella of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC).

The CEIEP consists of four modules that span four years, and each module has several units within to complete, each unit ranging in complexity and length. Once these modules are complete, each apprentice must challenge the CEIEP Mechanics’ Exam. Once successfully completed, they graduate from apprentice to journeyman/mechanic.

Continuing education is offered through the Mechanics Continuing Education Technical Review Series, which helps elevator repair mechanics continue to meet the demands of ever-fluid elevator technology advancements.

A Rigorous Educational Process

Before even attending the CEIEP elevator course, each student must be first accepted into the IUEC as an elevator mechanic apprentice. This process involves an aptitude test and application for a permit helper position.

The work doesn’t stop there, however. Once a candidate is accepted as an apprentice, it’s time for the learning to begin in earnest. Once an apprentice begins the CEIEP modules, they will be expected to put in a total of roughly 720 hours of in-class theory learning and roughly 7,200 hours of in-field training.

Once the CEIEP Mechanics’ Exam is complete, a mechanic can then apply for the appropriate elevator installer license for their province.

In New Brunswick, this is the Class A license or the Elevator Contractor’s Licence. This authorizes the licence holder to perform elevating device construction, alteration, repair, and maintenance. We’re proud to say that all of our elevator repair mechanics have successfully obtained their Class A Licensing in New Brunswick and Class I in Prince Edward Island.

Elevator Repair – A Lifelong Career

Elevator repair, install, and maintenance is a lifelong career choice, and one that isn’t made lightly. Our customers can rest assured that even after such meticulous schooling, the elevator education never stops and our passion for the industry only grows with each passing year.

We’re mechanics from the top down, and every member of our expert team will be able to leverage their field experience to provide the right solution for your elevator.

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